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SmartHanzi and DDB Access are interactive parse and lookup tools for Chinese texts. SmartHanzi is mainly for contemporary Chinese, DDB Access for Buddhist texts and classical Chinese.

Chinese Bulk Parser derives from SmartHanzi and DDB Access. With one mouse click, it can process multiple files and produce segmented texts (texts with separate Chinese words) for use in various softwares. Just drag and drop files into the application window.

Usual formats (.pdf, .rtf, .doc/docx, etc.) with text content are recognized. OCR is not supported.

Chinese Bulk Parser uses the same dictionaries as SmartHanzi and DDB Access: CEDICT, CFDict, HanDeDict for modern Chinese, DDB (Digital Dictionary of Buddhism) and CJKV-E (Dictionary of Confucian, Daoist, and Intellectual Historical Terms) for classical Chinese.

Chinese Bulk Parser is suitable for contemporary texts as well as classical Chinese and texts from the Buddhist canon.

New in this version

For Classical Chinese, selectable dictionaries avoid wrongly recognizing modern words from standard dictionaries.

Download Chinese Bulk Parser 2023.04

Previous version:   v2022.09


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System requirements: Microsoft Windows 10 or 11.

Known issue: unexplained crash at launch on a specific PC. It is not yet clear if the problem is related to Windows 11 or to a faulty PC configuration.