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SmartHanzi (Mac version)

SmartHanzi is on Mac App Store. However, in case of developer problem (COVID, etc.), the Mac App Store version as well as this website would disappear shortly from Internet.

Below is a link for a more durable “SL” (Second Life) version:

New in this version

The application can pronounce texts or words with system voices (putonghua, Cantonese, etc.):
- Download preferred voices through Settings > Accessibility > Spoken content > System voice > Current voice > Manage voices.
- Once a voice is downloaded, it can be selected directly within the app.

Download SmartHanzi (Mac) 2023.11 SL

Previous version: 2023.10 SL


Updates are notified but there are no automatic updates.

  1. Download the SL application below.
  2. (Uncompress if not done)
  3. Move it from the download folder to the Applications folder.
  4. Save a copy of the installer.

The SL version can be installed on the same machine as the Mac App Store version.

System requirements

macOS High Sierra (10.13) or newer.

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