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SmartHanzi for Kanjis

SmartHanzi for Kanjis is a free yet professional tool for reading and memorizing Japanese Kanjis.

It includes Japanese dictionaries for English, French and German as well as DDB (Digital Dictionary of Buddhism, short definitions only) and CJKV-E (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese - English Dictionary of Confucian, Daoist and Intellectual Historical Terms, short definitions).

Parse and Lookup

A full text can be copied with immediate access to unknown words. Meeting words and characters in context, together with related ones, strongly helps memorizing.

SmartHanzi for Kanjis recognize equivalent character variants. For instance, searching/parsing 真 will show both 真 and 眞, according to what is present in selected dictionaries. Or it will recognize equally well 為/爲 or 眾/衆.

SmartHanzi for Kanjis shows etymology of kanjis from two sources:

Here, etymology has a very practical purpose: save time by showing usual components still more or less visible. At first sight, Chinese/Japanese characters look awfully strange and out of reach. Looking back towards the origins through well thought-out lessons, uncovers a lost path and offers a sometimes playful way out. The point is not to learn, but to get progressively acquainted with a different writing and culture.

The English text of etymological lessons can be found in a commercially available book (link in the app). The application provides any necessary references to the English translation.


- Windows: www.smarthanzi.net and Microsoft store (frequent users: www.smarthanzi.net recommended).

- Mac: www.smarthanzi.net and Mac App store (frequent users: www.smarthanzi.net recommended).